Anne van der Kant

Dr. Anne van der Kant

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As a postdoc researcher at the University of Potsdam I work on Project 1: “The sensitive period for non-adjacent dependency learning in verbal and non-verbal material”, which is shared with the Max Planck Institut in Leipzig and aims to uncover the developmental trajectory and neural correlates of non-adjacent dependency learning in both linguistic and non-linguistic materials.
My background is in neurolinguistics and in the past I have worked with different populations (songbirds, adults, infants and children) and neuroimaging methods (fMRI and fNIRS) to answer questions about sensitive periods for language acquisition. Within P1, I will focus on the question which brain regions underlie associative versus controlled learning of non-adjacent dependencies in sentences and tone sequences throughout development. In order to answer this question, infants at different developmental stages (12-36 months) as well as adults will be tested in Potsdam using functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS).


Prof. Dr. Isabell Wartenburger (University of Potsdam)

Prof. Dr. Barbara Höhle (University of Potsdam)


Poster Publications

Adult processing of non-adjacent dependencies in the linguistic and non-linguistic domain (van der Kant, Männel, Paul, Höhle, Friederici & Wartenburger)