Antonia Götz

Antonia Götz

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I am a PhD student at the University of Potsdam and I am working on the project P6: Perceptual Narrowing in speech and face recognition in infancy: Domain-general vs. domain-specific mechanisms in attunement and its modification. This project focuses on the perception of speech and face and possible modifications during the first year of life. It allows me to combine many of my research interests like the categorical perception of speech and how infants are able to learn and reorganise their perception in domain general (or domain-specific)way. As a phonetician, my contribution to the project will be more on the linguistic section.


Prof. Dr. Barbara Höhle (University of Potsdam)


Poster Publications

P6 Perceptual Narrowing in Speech and Face Recognition in Infants: Domain-general vs. Domain-specific mechanisms in Attunement and its Modification (Götz, Krasotkina, Höhle, Kubicek & Schwarzer)

Perceptual reorganization of lexical tones in German-learning infants and toddlers (Götz & Höhle)

Language-dependent asymmetrical vowel perception (Götz, Krasotkina, Schwarzer & Höhle)