Crossing at the DGPS 2018 (Frankfurt am Main)

Crossing the borders got a poster symposium accepted for the DGPS in Frankfurt in September  2018! For more infos, visit:

Below are the posters that were part of the submission:

1) Developmental shift in non-adjacent dependency learning – Paul, van der Kant, Männel, Mueller, Höhle, Wartenburger and Friederici
2) The production and perception of boundary cues in action sequences – Hilton, Räling, Marusch, Wartenburger and Elsner.
3) Domain-general influences of speech and action understanding – Adam and Elsner.
4) The role of language in the development of level-1 visual perspective-taking – Jarvers, Sodian, Kristen-Antonow, Grosso and Schuwerk
5) Neural correlates of false belief reasoning: An explicit false belief task – Grosso, Schuwerk, Meinhardt and Sodian.
6) A novel task battery to measure individual differences in general cognitive functioning during infancy – Hilton, Poltrock and Höhle
7) Perceptual narrowing in the domains of speech and face processing during infancy – Krasotkina, Götz, Höhle and Schwarzer.