• Graduation in project 7

    Feride Nur Haskaraca, doctoral student of P7 in Göttingen, successfully defended her dissertation in July 2023. 


  • Graduation in project 4

    Doctoral student Saskia Melzel (P4 in München) successfully defended her thesis entitled The development of prospective processing of simple and complex actions in early childhood.


  • Crossing Workshop 2020

    Principal investigators and PhD students from Hamburg and Potsdam hosted this years Crossing the Borders Meeting (exclusively digital). more

  • Early Stage Researcher Meeting 2020

    Our Early Stage Researcher Meeting 2020 will take place at the University of Potsdam in May 27-28, 2020! more

  • Graduation in Project 3

    The doctoral students of P3 Sarah Eiteljörge and Maurits Adam successfully defended their dissertations and completed their doctorates. more


    We are delighted to tell you that we finally got the funding for the second phase of CROSSING!!! Thank you to everyone who made this possible!!

  • Crossing Conference 2018

    From September 27 – 29, 2018 we held the Crossing the borders conference at the University of Potsdam. It was a 3-day conference about the interplay of language, cognition, and the brain in early human development. We brought together researchers from psychology, linguistics, and developmental neuroscience. more

  • DFG Begehung for 2. Funding phase

    CROSSING continues…

    The CROSSING Team applied for a second funding phase for the whole project.
    Therefor we had a Begehung in the midst of September 2018 were the single projects presented their results from the first funding phase and their visions and future aims for a possibly second one.

  • DGPS 2018 is calling

    Crossing at the DGPS 2018 (Frankfurt am Main)

    Crossing the borders got a poster symposium accepted for the DGPS in Frankfurt in September  2018! For more infos, visit: more

  • ICIS 2018 is calling

    ICIS Symposium “Grammar Learning in Infancy”

    Together with Judit Gervain, Irene de la Cruz Pavía (Université Paris Descartes / CNRS), Jutta Mueller (University of Osnabrück) and Claartje Levelt (Leiden University), P1 organizes a symposium titled “Grammar learning in Infancy” at the 2018 International Congress of Infant Studies, which will take place June 30th to July 3rd in Philadelphia. more