Poster Publications

Adult processing of non-adjacent dependencies in the linguistic and non-linguistic domain (van der Kant, Männel, Paul, Höhle, Friederici & Wartenburger)

P6 Perceptual Narrowing in Speech and Face Recognition in Infants: Domain-general vs. Domain-specific mechanisms in Attunement and its Modification (Götz, Krasotkina, Höhle, Kubicek & Schwarzer)

Perceptual reorganization of lexical tones in German-learning infants and toddlers (Götz & Höhle)

Language-dependent asymmetrical vowel perception (Götz, Krasotkina, Schwarzer & Höhle)

The sensitive period for associative learning of non-adjacent dependencies: ERP evidence from 24-month-olds (Paul, Männel, Mueller, van der Kant, Wartenburger Höhle & Friederici)

Publications in Scientific Journals

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